If I’ve had the pleasure of meeting you, you’d know that transparency is something that I’ve been fairly passionate about for some time – and I cannot wait for it to land as part of the 2018.3 release.

From a pure design perspective, it enables a large number of intricate approaches to formatting. If you’re my good friend Julian Kelly, you’re pleased that, when it comes to colour, finally ‘nothing means no colour‘.

Interested in how this may help you (that doesn’t involve pie charts inside of pie charts)? Let’s take a look at how you create a KPI + trend object incredibly quickly.

KPI Objects

Step one: Create your KPI number.

Step two: Create an area chart for your value change over time. As it’s a KPI, probably a good idea to remove all lines and axis. Plus, use colour as a neat way to indicate if the value has gone up or down.

Step three: Set the background on the area chart to none and reduce the opacity of the area chart itself.

None means none – not white!

Step four: Layer the sheets on top of each other on a dashboard. I prefer the area chart on top of the big number, purely because you can investigate it further with tooltips.

Done! I’ll be posting the example of this once 2018.3 is released.


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